Friday, August 3, 2012

Parker's 2nd and Luke's 6th

Thanks to Grammy Cathy and Aunt Punky..
 Luke had " the best birthday of his life"and that's a direct quote:)
 Before the party with Grammy...
 and Sergio
 Yep He's 6
 Love the decor

 Sweets you should have been here;)
 Happy Cowboy
 Crazy Cowboy
 Jump house was a great sucess
 Jenny and Eli
 Tom Parker and Punky as we sing
 Happy Birthday PARKER
 Now Lukes turn
 Happy Birthday Luke
 The Haines Gang(well some of them)!
 Cousin Noah
 He really Loved the Taylors Card
 Seth and Wolverine

 Grandma and Papa Carter..ooh catchers gear...
 Present opening fun
 Sergio got some gifts from the grandparents too:)
 Papa Alvin

 Yep He loves his Papa Alvin:)
 Good ol friend Gloria..they had some good times in Jackson...
 Parker and Grammy with her Dr. kit
 Another sweet treat...he just past his milk challenge
so this is a whole new world of flavor for him!
 The Haley Boys
 Playing during clean up
 Valentino's got his gifts when we got home.
 The King
 Actually b-day July 26th
 Taco bell party
 Yes I bought a 6 for this occasion...
 And he opened a sports shop

6 years quickly it came. I love Luke so much . He is such a happy kid. As old as he gets I think I will still see him like this:)

Happy Birthday Luke!

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  1. Oh, Kelly, those last pics are so the long hair on Luke! My embedded memory of him will always be how he hung on you at church and so nicely played at your feet during Sunday School. How jealous I was as I was chasing my monkeys through the halls!

    That sweets table does look awesome. My last weeks of pregnancy always come with a strong sugar appetite...yum!

    Mari would have LOVED the cowboy party. She has a cowgirl dress and red bandana she loves to wear. She asked for purple cowgirl boots for her 6th birthday, but we couldn't find any.