Monday, August 20, 2012

Panama City Beach , FL.

 We made it to the Beach!!!
 Dead fish on the beach
 We stayed here the first night
 Clay caught a crab
 The children by the palm in the back yard ...I take this picture every year:)
 Boat dock behind the boat this year ..but they rented one.
 Luke at the back of the house
 Breakfast at Crispy Creme
 Boat trip
 Luke driving the boat
 Luke Jumping off the Boat.
Micah got stung by a big jelly fish..never had this happen before but she was fine..
I would have lost control but she handled it without even crying.
 Lots of Jelly fish this year.
 Clay fishing in the boat
 Glad to catch some fish

 Go cart racers
 A dive seaer as he calls himself= sea diver:)
 Cleaning and organizing his gear
Boys fishing off the dock of the bay behind the house
 My Lunch the day we went out with Brady and Natalie
 Brady and Natalie
 Madeline and Luke..buried
 Boogie Boarders
Cool Kite
Waiting for the boat to come in
 The men went out on a 8hr fishing trip
 They had a great time !

 Saw a lot of Dolphins this year..A LOT!
 On the Pier
 Shopping at Alvin's Island

 Luke's shark Keeper...Bobby and his dad actually saw
a big shark and baby out where we were swimming, that's fun..
 Enjoying the ocean
Marlene and Madeline + my Chair 
 My view most of the week..ahh nice...
 Luke and Madeline
My kids photo shoot~ by me..
we really enjoyed ourselves!!

A beach favorite...grass on the dunes
Jump for Joy!!
Luke set this shot up
 Luke is quite the poser
 Bobby fishing on the Jetty's
 Raccoon family lives under these rock..they stole Bobby's bait and were sneaking up behind us when we were eating granola bars..a weird year for creatures this time.
 Kids loved the sand dunes at the state park
Yes Micah wiped out..Lol

They are getting big,so fun and soo easy...

 Rock star
The Carter Family
PCB 2012

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