Sunday, February 1, 2015

Revenge, Homecoming

So Micah's B-ball team TP'D our house , never Tp me , I will get you back, when you least expect it:)

    Kayla, Summer and Micah Ready For Homecoming at CAS..It's not a dance but they do dress up

                        These 4 play B-ball together, Kenzie , Micah, Summer and Kayla

                        TP queen Kayla, she actually also won Homecoming queen funny...
CAS LADY EAGLES B-ball team:
                        Summer, Micah, Alexis, Mackaley, Kayla, Hannah, Kenzie, Gabbi
                        Today Feb 1st Bobby and Luke

Saturday, November 8, 2014

DC 2014

                                           In the hotel the night before we leave Columbus!

                                          1st evening saw a lot of memorials outside a bit rainy

                                                       Scary elevator in Lincoln memorial

                                                      .....Memo funny

                                          Day 2 white house visitors center
                                   Waiting outside the restroom for Ruth and Katie

Holocaust Museumm

Headed to the white house




the OHVA group

so cool

National Archives

less scary elevator


tomb of unknown soldier

Day 3 capitol

                                                                    Library of congress
                                                                        Supreme Court

air and space museum

why is Micah on her knees .lol:)

museum of natural history

Museum of American history

                                                          Ruby Slippers

First ladies dress collection

               Great trip , lots more seen and done but that is all that is on my camera:)