Monday, August 20, 2012

Louisville ,KY

We dropped the Boys off at the Lookers for Respite care then headed to KY.
 To begin our vacation this year Micah and I needed a Pedicure:)
 Louisville Bat Museum

 Big granite Glove and Ball
 Derek Jetter
 It's outta here...
 Babe Ruth
 Josh Hamilton Bat
 holding offically used bats
Luke=Mickey Mantel
Clay=Johnny Bench

 Luke's favorite player

 Clay in the batting cages

Liked the free mini bats they gave us after the tour of the was neat.
 that's a big bat
 Slugger Field

 Our seats
 New hats
 Luke having some fun before the game

 Can you spot Micah , Clay and Bobby?
 They changed seats a few times...not many people there

 Our hotel
It is apparently haunted
However, we had no problems sleeping:)

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