Sunday, September 15, 2013

Volleyball, home school, Sidney Apple fest , Football, Bus accident

Grammy & Papaw Alvin came up to Micah's Game


Autumn & Micah #26

Micah and Coach Carter in the back:)

Who says Homeschoolers don't get dressed up for school!

Oh Lukey!

Sidney Applefest

Petting Zoo

 the kids

Free Jump houses

Face Painting

Gift from Grandma Carter

Headed Home to get ready for Clays game

Clay #50 Blue Gloves and socks!

Back safety

Down and ready on the line

Water break

Game over

Now the Apple fest Parade


                                                                     the Kroger cart
 fire truck

Valentino Got Glasses

This happened as Sergio was about to get on the bus. I saw the car not stopping and screamed his name so he didn't step onto the steps a second later a  red car which was in the ditch on the opposite side of the road hit the blue car and smashed it into the bus. Crazy scary September morning;Friday the 13th! Everyone was fine but it was a bad situation.

Here he is as they are towing the took them an hour to get everything cleaned up.

                                               9-14-13 the Lookers came to cheer Clay on!

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  1. Wow - crazy about the accident. Glad everyone was ok.

    Love all the pics - you're doing better than me!