Sunday, September 1, 2013

School, Football, Fishing

Valentino 1st day of School
Getting on bus
Clay Scrimmage the middle Red socks


On the Sidelines

1st Game with Micah Wellman

#50 C.C.


Shelby County Seahawks

Clay and Micah =50 & 19

Lost to Steelers 29-14 (Clay is Kneeling by water boy in red)
Here are Clay's Highlights:
2point conversion-1st catch in Tackle football for C.C. #50
Catch/almost 1st down
touchdown/lost shoe/ chest bump w/ M.W...:)
Micah Wellman #19..just missed it!

Fishing at Lake Michigan

Hanging the fish


Brady, Clay , Bobby & Bob
Good job Clay

Cleaning the fish

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