Friday, July 5, 2013

Valentino turns 5, Visit from friends,Micah's Softball and 4th of July

Valentino chooses the "fancy restaurant " for his b-daydinner again this year!

Time for singing

He didn't know how to react when the put the whipped cream on him...

But he liked eating his dessert!

And the presents..

Luke getting in on the fun..

and Sergio...


Birthday morning Donuts with Chocolate milk

Cupcakes at the Carters

Monsters U...They got smashed on the drive to their house;(

Birthday swim

Sergio with an attitude..yeah it's cute this time...

Pool party with the Lookers and Nortons

Essie, Hannah and Leah
Leah, Lydia, Hannah, Luke , Valentino, Micah, Delaney, Sergio,
Sara, Jessie, Clay, Elijah , Levi

Funny Face:)

Jump up!

Micah's final softball game


Eye on it

Going two

Team meeting

Runners up... Sidney Fast pitch

4th of July Sparklers



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