Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sidney A's , Drive-in And Kings Island

Love tourney's with nice playgrounds

Yes he jumped off....

Playing with Aiden and  Drew


3rd base

Getting trophy

2nd place A's
New Jammies
Breadsticks and Pizza Hut
Drive -in Movie night
Love it
Watching Monster's U
I had to get them a special treat= Pez!!

At Jeffersonville Dropping Luke off with my parents

He doesn't like KI

But Micah and Clay do!

And two kids this age are very Easy!

Thanks to "A Kids Again" for the Tickets!

Hot Day...

But Fun!

Character parade....

Good Ol' Snoopy

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  1. Kids were so bummed they couldn't go. Really wish it would have worked. Looking forward to being able to get some "older kid" time. Looks like you had such a nice day!