Friday, March 22, 2013

March Madness

 Ok this is actually Feb 15th Micah's real  b-day
 The Children
Tino made a bear hat ..notice shirt:)

Clay made a lego plane


Going up~ Luke

Micah's B-day gift from Grandma Carter!

The end

The begining

Getting dark...

Fun times!
---Went to FBC women's retreat.. had a blast but did not take pictures---

Then Visited Curtis Family

Bad , Bad  kids

Just kiding, having fun at Giovannis.
Celebrating Micah's 13th ..again

Boys playing
2 of the kids Micah B-sits for while their mommies are quilting:)
--And Today is Our 16th Anniversary:)---
~Tomorrow 23rd is 1 year with the boys~


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! (about the shirt).

    I need to get the "Runs with scissors" one for Sophia. No matter how many times I tell her...

    Too bad about the no pictures from the retreat.

    Happy becoming a mom to a teenager!


  2. Great pictures! : )

    And happy belated anniversary to you two lovebirds!

  3. I LOVE nutty bars, and haven't had one in a VERY long time! Micah is so grown up! Looks like she had a wonderful welcome to teen years! Happy anniversaries!!! You have so much to celebrate!