Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Look Back

An original Computer Drawing By Luke Carter 
Our Van , the Church , Pastor Harry and Bobby

Here is Clay's :)

On Feb 15 Micah turned 13!!! Teenager !! Crazy! We celebrated at Disney but here is a look back:)
 Baby micah~  1 week old
At My College Graduation~ 4 months

Flowers~ 18 Months
2yrs with Grammy and Baby Katie

3 yrs Posing

3 yrs

3 1/2 yrs

May 2004 day of Diagnosis 4 yrs

PCB 4yrs~ Full blown steroids

Meeting Sara Groves ~ 4 yrs

4yrs ~ in Home Chemo

4yrs Halloween

4 1/2 yrs.~Blood checks

5th B-day~ Carrie, Katie, Hannah & Ruth

5 yrs.~ Blood pressure

5 yrs

5 yrs ~ Give kids the world village

6 yrs ~ Just got port Out

7yrs at Old man's caves

8yrs with Grammy at Eisteddfod, Southview

9 yrs~ Meeting Andrew Peterson

10 yrs~ Reds

11th B-day= Katie, Marley, Savannah,Gloria, Hannah & Emma

12 Years with Ruth , Ice skating
Happy 13th Micah!!!!

We Love You Dearly!!!

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  1. Oh Kelly... "sniff, sniff" I love looking at those photos! What a blessing, what a beautiful little girl and lovely young lady!