Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Dinner with Emilee

Here are her parents Mike and Kayla..
they  brought us pizza as a thank you for Babysitting:)

The Carter Family Cousins
Max, Micah, Clay, Madeline, Luke, Noah

Dinner with a few (wink, wink) friends

At Los Amigos in Jackson

Hannah bought Micah a friendship ring

Haines, Haley, Taylor, Moore and Carter Families

Me , Holding Alison's new daughter , Anneliese Joy

Drew and Amber

Drew and Bobby , Kyle and Mya

Micah and Owen

The Boys

Having fun!

Luke loves Nachos and Salsa


Punky turned 32

Parker with a few of her gifts from Luke

Katie and Micah  exchanged Gifts:)

Grammy Cathy

Luke got a new Castle

The kids at My parents

Grammy Cathy, Luke,Clay, Papa Alvin and Micah

Our Tree before opening

They are up and ready


All done..

Time to sort it all out...
Micah's New Desk and Chair

Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls

With Woody's Maple Cream

Wow ..Matching Fake smiles..funny
And I took a four hour nap..yep another great christmas.
Happy Birthday Jesus , thank you for all your love , grace and mercy.Thank you for our family and friends and the many blessings you have given, even the hard work of sanctification that we have had this past year ... We love You dearly. May the coming year be filled with the Joy that only you can give, For you and your Glory. Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas Kelly and the Carter family! Love you - and Amen!

  2. We enjoyed seeing you all so much!!! (by the way, how did you manage a four hour nap???) ha, ha! Love you all dearly!

    1. Tons of fun!!
      Yes... my nap for the year:) Bobby took care of the kids, Merry Christmas to me!

  3. Loved the pics of dinner in Jackson, but WHERE ARE THE ENGESSERS?!?!? (sniff, sniff)