Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ice skating

OHVA skating party ~ Here with the Lookers
Luke, Tino, Sergio,James, Esther, Hannah
Clay, Micah, Ruth, Lydia, Elijah


The gang


Luke, Bobby, Sergio, Tom, Esther

Lots of this

Fun times

Break time

It's hard work to ice skate

Micah and Ruth

Clay and Luke ( he loves the buckets)

The big kids

Luke , Sergio in the back with the buckets

Sergio falling..again

but he kept at it

Elijah and Clay

Tino and the top of Sergio's head

Essie taking a break

Tino gave it a try

Bobby and the boys

Getting tattoo's

Tino is done made it around once:)

He liked the skates

Loves the tattoo's

Sergio getting tired

Kids loved it

Luke putting his gloves on .
It was a very nice afternoon!

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