Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Wilds

                                                        At The Wilds June 7th
                                                         Such happy little friends..
                                                             Just chillin on a rock
                                      Amazed at the wind harp..Micah and Papa didn't play along:)
                                          Choose the open air bus since it was beautiful out
                                                          forget the real name...
                                                             Punky & Parker +Giraffes
                                                                        Bus snack..
                                                              Micah , Clay & Katie
Funny Giraffe
                                                                  On the Bus
                                                      Some kind of Dog behind them....
                                                             Micah ,Cheetah and Clay
                                                          It was a Wild Ride!!!
Zebra and Luke ...So Cute!
                                                              Baby rhino in back...

                                                           Another bus and Rhino
                                                                      The Wilds
                                                                   Julie , Mom & Me
                                                   and  ride a ride back to the day
                              even got to see Jack Hanna in his jeep but I didn't get a picture!

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