Friday, June 29, 2012

Old Jackson Friends

Micah and Clay have really missed thier good friends from Jackson, Hannah and Hayden. SO it worked out for them to be able to come for a short visit...
After Clay's rec. game

 Playing Wii baseball
 This was done while we went to pick them up...
 Bobby's work
 Advanced Composites ... lol
you know I've never taken a picture of it before..
just sooo much to do in Sidney:)
 Where Micah may be enrolling
 in the SCOLA homeschooling program at Sidney
so she can play sports with them
 The church we go to now
 Even got to see Pastor Harry:)
 SO this was Micah and Hannah's top thing to do...
 Visit the Library ..Amos public library
 The big boys ..not so much
 But the little ones liked it

 with the librarian

 nice day for wading

 and throwing rocks
 catching crawl-dads
 trying to catch a HUGE Frog with big green eyes...
 re-hydrating after the park
 Micah's game.
 After the game ice cream
nice evening for a fire...they also camped out in the tent this night but I somehow forgot to take a picture ..another favorite which I didn't capture on film =playing in the woods.
Fun visit!

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  1. GREAT pictures! They had so much fun. Thanks again for making it happen!!! By the way, LOVE the landscaping! It looks beautiful!