Sunday, July 27, 2014

Luke's 8th birthday party and Zoo trip

                                                                   party time


                                         I couldn't resist...
                                         Fun toy...
                          He likes clay gift
                                      has joey votto signature
                                                              wooden louisville slugger
from Micah

From dad:)

 Luke really wanted to visit the Zoo again since we didn't see much earlier in the summer. This is his actual birthday saturday July 26th, Emily and Madeline and Max joined in on the fun!
praire dogs


polar bear


                                                                 better view I suppose
entering Africa

trainer feeding the lions

enjoying the view

then got a visitor

nice kitty




beaver these were Luke's favorite

bison, well my son but a Bison is in the background..:)

enjoyed the elephants

                                                       Luke  is quite the poser


Bats and the batboy

cute he has elephant ears

bengals in the back...clay getting out of the way lol...

scary gator or croc ;)



                                                          This carousel went really fast!
                                                                 no hands!

A mob


Loved the Mist fan

Dino boat ride

            Met Tom, Punky and Parker at the Texas roadhouse for dinner, they had went to the fair
                       Luke getting a birthday Yee-haw

Oh Luke has so many crazy faces..great birthday and He's finally out of a car seat!
Happy Birthday Luke we love you dearly!!!!!!

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