Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Carter Family Christmas

Isaiah's Place Skating party

Advanced Composites party at Jumpy's fun Zone

Laser tag-Bobby won...

Stepping over the laser beams--funny

from santa


love it...micah and clay got gift cards to the movies!

on the Jumpy's


pretty scene

leaning snowman

preparing the cookies




Before Christmas eve church service

Clay got dad "world best dad" trophy

Christmas eve...

8ish Christmas morning

In front of the tree

they got little cokes in their stockings so yes I let them drink them for breakfast...

cinnamon roll breakfast

Tino got a recording studio..with headphones..sweet!

Sergio's fav was his computer  and blocks which you can't see but he is playing with it!?!?!

Luke Likes this and everything else he got...They got Work benches , instead of desks...

Clay and Luke's new room

Clay's fav...Wii U

Christmas dinner

God Bless us everyone!


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