Sunday, October 20, 2013

End of the Season

Luke's book report :)

Breakfast in bed from Micah -Just because she loves him!

Matching ninjas!!

The ICSO JH Volleyball Runner-Up 2013
Record 9-8 well done Eagles!

Micah with the teams 2nd place trophy from our Conference tourney!

And These fancy ladies came to visit...

The nationals warming up

6th grade Sidney all-star game


Full orange moon..not great picture but it was really beautiful....
tino thought it was the sun

Clay or C.C. #24 TE

Played under the lights on the High school

muddy ..rained early that day...clays on the end with the black sleeves , blue gloves

A true fan

1 1/2 hour game wore him out:)

they lost 13-0

great season

with Micah and Luke on the S

Clay #24

Clay and Dad

Behind them is the Advanced composites field house:)

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