Monday, August 12, 2013

Panama City Beach Florida ~Vacation 2013

We made it to Florida!
Spent one night in the Hampton..

Visited the beach after dinner

Getting ready

Boogie Boarding

Caught a fish

Luke fishing

The beach scene

nice evening

at the hotel

Hotel pool
Now for the house-The kids room

our room

our bathroom

the pool

Kitchen fun

Gabe, Jessica, Madeline & Chris

Dining room

Luke's fish he caught on the Dock

Bob, Madeline & Noah

Baiting the hook

Big fish

On Shell Island

The water ice tea

Max sneaking ice:)

Headed back

My self portrait

We ran out of Gas

waiting for help

Towed to a gas station!
Made Natalie and Micah Happy!

Cooling off in the pool

Dock of the bay

Luke's invention

Not much luck for Lukey!
St. Andrews

Kids on the Jetty's

Max , maximizing cuteness

Water was a mess from all the storms...yuck tea...but they enjoyed it
The whole family had beach picture taken this year
By Wendy Adams

But these are by me:)


Bob and Madeline


So apparently anyone can work in a cake department....

Papaw carter and Luke's b-day celebration
He wasn't feeling well...

Finally on Wednesday the water cleared up!

This is what we go there for





Loves his b-day gift

Micah and Luke waves today


My view:)


Likes the little fish!

Natalie, Brady, Micah and Clay

Gabe and Jessica. Bobby Hooked Gabe in the arm..thus the keeping arm out of water;(

Beach party

Luke buried

"No you can't take the shells home...But I'll take a picture"
Lunch at Red Robbin

Natalie and Brady

My Lunch..Yummy

Micah and a weird face

Buying tickets

In line

Go carts

Ready...Micah won:)



Talking strategy

Icee...she's really got some looks this year:)

Paddle boat

Rented from Mr. Surfs shop

They loved it

beach happenings

funny picture


Luke's turn

All three children

They liked taking rides

they saw lots of fish and rays

Luke, Micah and Clay

Bring em in Captain Luke
After another afternoon storm..we went back out for the evening

Brady, Marlene, bobby and my chair


oh scary


A lot of this going on!

But you just gotta get back up again!

Go Brady Go!



Clay 's in control

Dumb & Dumber

Jessica and Marlene enjoying the evening...

Luke in the less clear water....
In line for the Sling Shot

Getting buckled

Ready position

Up they go!

Not a great pic..but they got the t-shirt:)

They survived the Sling Shot at PCB 2013

Arcade time


Emily and Madeline

Luke liked the motorcycle games


Getting a little help from dad...

Clay hit the 445 tickets...sweet!
More storms,cloudy water but brought waves

Kids liked the waves

Clay and Micah

Luke met a friend..Gabe

Dinner at Long Horn Clay with psycho Micah

The crew side one

second side

having fun

From the other end of the table

Shopping at Pier Park
Me with the kids and max

Looking out into the deep


Clay and Jessica in background

The kids at sunset

Marlene and Bob

Chris and Emily
On the pier

Fish food

Their Backsides:)

Our Family

Sunset on the Pier

Most of the Carter family

Bobby and Brady

Turn and pose
Brady, Clay and Luke

The Litz family

Noah and Gabe

Bobby and his mom:)

The boys in Guy Harvey Shirts

So cool...

Mama With Luke

and Micah

and Clay

Getting tired

The end
Clay did get his chick-fil-a on the way home:)



  1. Wow I *almost* felt like I was on vacation with you. Great job with the pictures! But two things need more explanation...why was the water like ice tea? Ew! And what is up with that cake? There's got to be a story.

    About Micah's odd faces...I think it's the age. It's like kids go through an awkward time with they are toddlers and teenagers. Mostly, though, she look beautiful.


  2. Water--the storms...
    Marlene, "just put Happy birthday on it"
    clerk "is that all you want on it"
    Marlene "That's it, Happy Birthday"
    and from there you get that cake ..hilarious! It was a tasty treat though!!