Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Snow Day and Tawawa Park

Luke  working on the Igloo

Snow ball fight 

Posing ~while I sit inside:)

Having fun

Love Tawawa Park

The Children

Luke pushing Sergio and Valentino

Micah and Clay rollerblading..
Christmas gift from Gramy Cathy and Papa Alvin

Clay being Cool...

Luke riding his bike

Most of the family

On the Path

Luke checking things out

Finishing up..Sergio fell in the water/ ice thus the change of clothing.
Nice 45ish degree January day..a bit windy but fun!


  1. How was there a ton of snow and then all of a sudden none? We haven't had that much snow, but we are getting temps of 10 below zero. Wa-hoo.

  2. Ah the power of photography... we had a weekend at 60 that melted it all..then temps dropped again we're in the 20's now...not below zero though!!