Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alpaca Farm, Stitches & Romney Rally

 Sergio, Bobby, Valentino,and James
 Taking the Alpaca for a walk.
 Micah's didn't want to walk so it sat down and wouldn't move..funny!
 The Boys
 Lydia ,Ruth, Micah and Clay
Night of Stitches
Day 7~ Before ~
Day 7 ~After~ they were taken out
Happy little spider head
They got Pumkins from their school fall fun day
Micah and Emilee enjoying the sunny fall day

Time for the Romney Victory Rally in Sidney!

 Big line ..took us 1 hr to get in
His son Josh

Riding in on the Bus

 Yep He was looking straight at me:)
 A Picture of The crowd
 Speaking about Big
Even ran into Woody and his family.
It was fun , the kids will be getting school credit for this outing...
it was also very cold and windy, but that's Sidney!

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