Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lots of Livin

Luke T-ball preview game they are "the Spot"

Clay pitching for rec. league "Adams Funeral"

Luke at Clay's game

Visitng the Nortons...Jesse, Luke,Valentino, Clay, Sergio,
Micah, Levi, Delany, Leah, Sara

Fun At Lake Loramie

Sergio Lost his tooth

And found a snake on the rocks

nice playground at the lake

Sergio with the bunny the Lookers found

A visit from the Lookers~ Clay, Valentino, Elijah,Luke,Esther
Ruth, Hannah, Micah, Sergio, Lydia, James

The boys at Clay's Ball game

after the game "Culver's"

Parker and Luke at our Mother's day visit

big girl on the tractor:)

Sturdy tractor...

Fun in the Carter's pool!

Valentino is mad!

Dinner at the Carter's

Clay's First Tournament with the Sidney A's

At the Corn Field Classic in Urbana

won the 1st two games

Went to the Drive in after the games

Pizza and candy ..yum...

Stretching ..Clay is #24

Won the 3rd game

Luke visiting with the team

Lost the championship

2nd place A's

Good job Clay!

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  1. Can't believe how big Parker is! She is so tall and has so much hair. Loved the pictures! Miss you all so much!