Saturday, April 21, 2012

Palm and Easter Weekends

So here we are in Sidney on Palm Sunday
Next friday at the Carter house in Minford 
                                       Sergio loved the car so much we brought it back with us...
                                          Next Stop on Saturay at Curtis house in Jackson

                                                            Parker is just adorable...

                                        A few of Luke's favorite things..Papa and his tractor:)
                                        Here are the children on a beautiful yet a wee bit chilly
                                                   Easter morning at Cornerstone Church

                                         I love matching clothes and Clay is still a good sport,
                                     thankfully Childrens' place has a wide size range..Micah was
                                      glad they didn't have her size...too fun...Happy Easter!

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  1. I love the shirts... the boys look so handsome! Poor Micah, she is such a lone ranger. Surely the state has a few girls they could spare...