Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Connair girls come to Sidney

        While Julie and Brad were off to California for a short while, we got to keep the times!

                Abby learned some new boy is their cool cowboy/girl pose...serious stuff...
                                                                  They ate ..a lot!

                                            They all loved the woods...a bit muddy ..but fun!

                                                 On the bridge..which reminds me of a story..


                          Sunny , Warm February.. perfect for an outside game of Apples to Apples!
                                   Don't worry Julie, She didn't stay in the dog "jail" that long ;)
                                            Secret the big black truck...
                                                     Katie won the bowling match!

                                           Fun at tawawa park.....

                                                And finally the morning at the Y....

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